Friday, July 10, 2015


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     Wowzers! I am in the "I can't believe it's finished" phase! This CD has been a long time coming. I am so proud of the songs I have written, the production, and thought that went in to bringing you all, what I believe, is my best work yet! I wish I could really convey all that goes in to a project, and what it feels like. I know in this era of technology, it seems that making a CD is an easy, few clicks away, and that anyone can make one…and you're right, they can! There are many ways to go about doing this, but the path taken for mine was made of time, many fine musicians and leaning in closely over and over to make sure the parts, tones, and details were going to shine through. We really wanted the songs to tell us how they should be produced. We simply played to the song. It was important for me to deliver songs that have not gone through the musical drive -thru! I still believe in quality, and quality to ME is not hastily blowing through something, but instead creating it to stand the test of time. 


      Luckily, when making this album, I didn't have to consider a whole lot. I didn't consider what the current trends are, what artist I wanted to sound like, or try to write the next hit beer, truck or whiskey song. I don't have a publisher or record company to run it by first.  I wasn't aiming to write my next single for radio. The only focus group it had to be approved by, was me. I didn't want to throw in an obligatory 'HEY!' or a "HO!" or drop a line about my favorite vodka for my corporate sponsor. I just had to do what I do. I write my songs, just to write. They all come straight from the heart, in their purest form. My songs don't have to go through 'the machine' of the music biz, and I am so grateful to have that freedom to really speak not only through my lyrics, but through the production of the songs. Sometimes when I think I am up against a crazy mountain of a millions ways to navigate the music business, and it all seems so overwhelming, I keep going back to the only way I know how to do things, and that is to be honest and straight forward with it all. So, I present to you, my new album. I really hope you enjoy every word, and every sound. Please know that this was a fun process for all who were involved. It was a creative journey I hope I am fortunate enough to experience again! I appreciate all the support and belief in what I do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  1. Lisa,You rightfully should be very proud of this extraordinary album..The writing,vocals and musicianship are all 1st rate...I'm guessing Jerry is pleased with the outcome..What a great talent to have in your corner... I know you weren't concerned about commercial success in this undertaking but there are definite airplay worthy cuts on it...There are others but "Love Knows Blue" in my opinion has major hit potential...I don't necessarily like to make comparisons but just for grins I believe it to be every bit in the league with say Natalie Merchant's "Tigerlily" or Patti Griffin's "Children Running Through"..And is arguably better than both..For my taste I think it's better than C.R.T. or sure.The obligatory Hey!,Ho! thing cracked me up...Excellent job Lisa! Jim F. Barton

  2. Silent Anymore was a recommendation from a music site. Loved it. Listened to Color Me In. Loved it. Just heard Lessons in White Light......breathtaking. Maybe you could make it to Australia for the Tamworth Country Festival.
    Justin Wilson.